Security Procedures

When it comes to arrival, security measures at St. Lambert Airport, both domestic and international passengers, are obligated to pass control procedures set by Transportation Security Administration. Therefore, it is always essential to plan to have enough time in case of connecting flights.

Like departures, arriving passengers are obligated to go through a body scanner while their luggage is also being checked separately. All travelers have to cooperate with TSA officers for procedures to pass smoothly and accurately.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Procedures

Besides TSA, Customs and Border Protection Officers are also working to enforce customs, immigration, and agriculture laws. It is their direct duty to ensure that borders remain safe. Therefore, all traveling public have to go through some additional procedures. For instance, passengers have to state the reason for their visit/stay. It is crucial to answering all of the questions of CBP agents honestly.

After the successful passing of all necessary procedures, travelers are welcome to claim their luggage and head towards the exit.