The St. Lambert airport has two separate terminals for passengers: Terminal 1 (Domestic) and Terminal 2 (International). Earlier the two of them were known as the Main and the East one.

The Domestic Terminal has two (A, C) concourses that are divided by three different levels.

The upper level serves as a departure level and includes such services as food, drink, and retail concessions and information points.

Southwest departures and arrivals use terminal 2.

There is a free shuttle that operates for 24 hours, and passengers can use it as a transfer between both terminals.

Arrival time recommendations

The TSA officers recommend all passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled boarding time. During holidays and peak travel periods, passengers are asked to be present earlier than a standard period.

In case the passenger will need airport parking, TSA recommends shopping the lot in advance to save time.

Security procedures

Passengers at the airport are screened through advanced imaging technology and walk-through detectors. In case of requesting a physical screening, travelers will undergo pat-down testing by a same-gender officer. The TSA has special procedures for passengers with metal implants. All travelers are required to inform TSA employees regarding any particular circumstances.

Due to the security measures, all passengers are obligated to provide valid Government-issued identification at the TSA security checkpoints. In case of not having a valid ID, passengers must complete an identity verification process that requests providing different personal information to confirm an identity.